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Defiance Area Fish and Game Association

2021 Fall Newsletter

President’s column:

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the Fish and game members who came out and supported the organization in 2021. The Fish and Game is an ever evolving organization, constantly making improvements for the benefit of the membership. Someday, people will look back and refer to us as “the mound builders”, because of all the dirt that has been hauled in over the years to make the backstops safer. This year’s projects included filling the pond with water and installing an aerator, building a line cover for pistol bay one, installing a big screen tv in the clubhouse and working on internet service. What does the Fish and Game Need? We need you as a Board member or an “at large” Board member.  We need people who are interested in getting involved with the politics of the club, people who understudy existing Board members so that the Association can move forward at the same pace when existing members move on from their positions.  Ask how you can help, get more involved, it’s not as bad as you think. You might even have fun. 

Membership dues are unchanged for 2022 but there will be slight change in hall rental rates. Hall rental has gone from $225 with a $225 deposit to $250 with a $200 deposit. Renters will pay the same amount to reserve the hall but get a few dollars less back. This is to offset the increased cost of supplies.

 Please get your membership dues in before the end of January. Memberships received after that time will be charged an additional ten dollar processing fee.  Also please keep you key card when renewing as these are reactivated.  There is a $5 fee for new key cards.


Winter pistol leagues:

 Winter Pistol Leagues will start Monday Jan. 3rd , 2022 at 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday January 4th at 6:30 p.m.  Traditional one handed bullseye shooters will compete against each other in four different classifications. Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert and Master. Two handed shooter will also compete using the same classifications. This will be a ten week program, with eight scores needed to complete the league.



2021 Wednesday Shooting Program Recap:


2021 was another great year.  Thank you to Tom Zachrich and Ken Ott for putting the program together.


27 Shooting Events were held between April 14th and September 8th 2021.

51 shooters participated in the Wednesday Shooting Program.

$1425 was brought in from the participation fees. 


2022 Gun raffle fundraiser:

All guns have been purchased are in stock for the 2022 raffle.  Tickets will begin being sold in December and the first drawing for 2022 will be in July.  Tickets are again only $20 and will be good for all 6 drawings.   Please contact Dave Mast to purchase tickets or if you are willing to help sell a few.  Dave can be reached at 419-438-6889.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Defiance Area Fish and Game Association

Membership Renewal

PO Box 1011, Defiance, Ohio  43512

All memberships are for the current calendar year – not from joining date. Annual renewal members, if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope your card will be mailed. If not, you can get your card at any meeting. Remember that you will need your 2022 membership card to be on the property after December 31. Life members will not need to send the envelope since they have a life membership card.


Name:  _______________________________________________________________________________

Street:  _______________________________________________________________________________

City:  __________________________________  State:  _________________  Zip:  __________________

Phone:  ___________________________________________   Email:  ____________________________

________  (Please initial that you qualify) Due to the nature of the activities at the Fish and Game, the access to firearms, and regular youth programming, I attest that I am not a convicted felon or I have never registered as a sex offender in any state.

Current Annual Members: (Membership includes the Fish and Game Club, Rifle and Pistol Indoor Range, and Straightened Arrows Archery)

I would like to renew my membership and am paying $50.00. ($60 if after Jan 31st, 2022)  Please reactivate my key card number ___________.

My interests are: Outdoor range _____, Archery _____, Indoor range _____

Current Life Members can choose one of the following: If you currently have a plastic key card for the gate and the indoor range and want to maintain access to the indoor range a payment of $25.00 is required.  

        If you currently have a plastic key card for the gate it will remain active. No action is required.

        If you currently do not have and want to add access to the indoor range, it will require an annual payment of $25.00 and you will need to attend a safety orientation following a monthly meeting.

        Life members whom do not have a plastic key card, you may obtain a key card by attending a meeting (second Thursday at 7:00pm), or calling Joe Daly at 419.438.8769, and paying the onetime fee of $5.00.

Prospective New Members: should complete an application form (which is available on our web site), complete it, and bring it to a club meeting on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.