Defiance Fish and Game Association

Board of Directors

2022 Governing Board Members and Responsibilities

Gary Caryer, President – Preside at the Governing Board and Club meetings, prepare agendas for meetings, sign authorization for purchases, serve as the tie-breaker in case of tie votes, backup calendar input, assist others as needed,

Mark Detter, Vice-President – Preside at meetings in President’s absence, arrange for Club meeting refreshments, select and administer club sign in drawings for monthly prize, see that a monthly Club sign-in sheet is present, general cleaning after meetings (clean/mop floor and restroom, trash out, etc.), assist others as needed,

Ben Polasek, Secretary – Record minutes from Board and Club meetings, maintain the membership database, issue membership cards, assist others as needed,

Joe Daly, Treasurer – Give a detailed financial report at Board and Club meetings, keep records of all income/expenses for the Club.  Work with Directors with finances and budget proposals, furnish financial information to Club accountant/book keeper, assist others as needed,

Larry Brown, At Large Board – Education; activities/programs (development, implementation, and funding solutions for the programs), in charge of DNR grant programs, schedule DNR and other educational activities, assist others as needed,

Michael McCracken,  At Large Board – Facilities; building/grounds maintenance, be in charge of mowing and snow removal, make recommendations to the Board for needed improvements to buildings and grounds, assist others as needed,

Joe Hiler, At Large Board – Monthly Programs, rental backup should the need arise, assist others as needed,

Mike Shock, At Large Board – Rentals; meet with prospective rental people, keep signed rental forms, update the calendar for rentals, check the clubhouse after rentals to make sure it is left clean and that there is no damage, advise the Governing Board of problems that will require a reduction of the renters deposit, assist others as needed,

Dave Mast, At Large Board – Fundraiser (major such as Gun Raffle, etc.), handle any Club 50/50 raffles, representative of affiliate programs (Archery, Indoor Range, Shotgun, etc.), talk with affiliate Directors to learn of any concerns/problems, report on affiliate programs at the Board meeting, assist others as needed



1 Year Ending 2022

2 Year (2021 – 2023)

3 Year  (2022 – 2024)

Joe Hiler

Larry Brown

Gary Caryer

Dave Mast

Mark Shock

Joe Daly

Michael McCracken

Ben Polasek

Mark Detter

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